Pagès often uses Linden in its herbal infusions. Its almost legendary calming and soothing properties fully justify its use in herbal teas.

Linden, a tree known to all for its very pleasant and sweetly honeyed notes.

Origins of linden

It is known that during the Neolithic period, linden wood was used to make weapons. It is also known that the sarcophagus masks of Egyptian kings were created with linden wood.

In many villages, the Linden was the tree under which people gathered, hosted public events and festivals. The Linden is a plant with very beautiful values, and has been for a very long time. It was in Germany that this symbol was strongest. Indeed, it was below a Linden tree that the Germanic people gathered to do justice.

The Linden tree is undeniably linked to history. It was chosen by the naturalist Thouin, with Oak and Elm, to represent freedom.

Characteristics of linden

Name: Tilia cordata

Family: Tiliaceae

Species: hardy tree or shrub

The Linden is a common hardy tree or shrub in the woods of most of our regions. It is found in Europe and North Asia. It is sometimes grown to decorate parks and gardens, but its hybrid the Large-leaved Linden is usually preferred. Lime blossom is easily recognized by its large leaves, sharp at the top and heart shaped at the base, as well as by its greenish yellow flowers, grouped under a long membranous bract, which give off, at the beginning of summer, a sweet smell of honey. The fruit of the Linden tree is in the form of a sphere. Quite fluffy, this one contains a unique seed.

Linden flowers contain mucilage, tannins, phenol acids and an aromatic essence. Sapwood, the inner part of the bark, also contains phenol acids, tannins and amino acids.

Did you know that the "capital of the Linden " is located in Buis-les-Baronnies? It is in this city, in the Drôme French department, that 95% of the French production of Tilleul is located. The largest annual market takes place on the first Wednesday of July and is the largest in Europe.

Uses of linden

The Linden also finds its place in the kitchen. The leaves of the plant can be used to make excellent salads. However, they must be young and translucent to remain tender, soft and edible in salads. The scent of Linden flowers makes it possible to flavour fruitsalads. The subtly honeyed flavours of Linden are perfectly combined with the sweet, sour or bitter taste of some fruits. The seed of the fruits of Linden is also edible. Oilseed, it is said to have been used extensively in the 18th century to prepare strange chocolate substitutes.

Linden can be used in the field of cosmetics. Indeed, its active ingredients are known to relax the skin, reduce wrinkles or limit the appearance of imperfections and pimples. Applying a linden decoction with a soft cloth to your skin would allow you to naturally care for it and purify it serenely.

Benefits of linden

Linden is said to have a sedative action on the nervous system, it calms people. For this reason, it is recommended for people who have difficulty sleeping. The Linden is known for its ability to remedy the agitation. However, care must be taken not to ingest too much Linden.

Linden is also known to help difficult digestions. 



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