Red Vine

Pagès uses Red Vine in several of its creations. Known for helping blood circulation, this plant also has a pleasant and subtle taste.

Red Vine, a plant most useful to humans, and has been for a very long time.

Origins of red vine

Red Vine has been known for a long time: there are records of the beginnings of its use for wine making more than 3,500 years ago. Object of a true cult on the part of the Greek peoples, this plant is also the emblem of their civilization, the Red Vine initially dispenses to Man its fruits with which he makes wine. Very quickly acclaimed by all peoples, this plant with round fruits was used in oenology and then in medicine.

In 1652, Nicholas Culpeper recommended its use as a mouthwash to whiten teeth. It is since the middle of the 20th century, thanks to the discovery of antioxidants contained in its fruits and seeds, that the consumption of Red Vine has further developed.

Characteristics of red vine

Name: Vitis vinifera

Family: Vitaceae

Species: Climbing plant

The Vine includes an infinite number of species. They are generally found in hot and temperate regions. The Vine is a climbing plant with toothed leaves and bunched flowers. Its fruits are picked in early autumn, in vermeilles or golden bunches. They are known as "grapes". In medicine, we use the Red Vine, a set of cultivars with black fruits and crimson pulp, whose foliage takes on a beautiful red hue in autumn.

Uses of red vine

Red Vine can be used as a decoction. A quantity of 50 grams per litre of boiling water makes it possible to make an infusion of Red Vine that is beneficial and pleasant to drink.

Another use of the famous Red Vine is the cure of grapes. It is practiced in a simplified way by taking 500 grams to 1 kilo of grapes every day, spread over three days, one hour before each meal, throughout the season. It is said that the most complete cure consists in absorbing a beautiful bunch of grapes, including skins and pips, one hour before each of the three meals.

Red Vine is also found as a lotion or balm. A natural way to fight heavy legs, this plant is found in many pharmaceutical products.

Benefits of red vine

Red Vine leaves are an old folk medicine remedy. Renowned against menopausal disorders, the leaves of the plant are believed to restore good blood circulation, fight uterine bleeding and prevent critical age-related accidents. In the same spirit, Red Vine is recommended to reduce the effect of heavy legs and prevent the appearance of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Red Vine leaves are also known to be fortifying.



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