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How to choose a plant according to its benefits ?

In a previous article, we give you the plants to use to fight against the evils of winter. This time, we will talk about the power of plants and their benefits in general… Because yes, small ailments don’t just surface in winter…


The powers of plants

Herbal treatment is a very common practice called herbal medicine. For thousands of years, plants have been used in various forms to treat certain ailments and improve health. So it’s very easy to treat yourself naturally… But you still have to choose the right plants to get the best value…


Enjoy the benefits of plants every day

Plants that are beneficial to our health can be consumed in different ways. You can find them in the form of ointments, swallowing pills, powders, or syrups… But also herbal teas, like those we offer at Pagès! 

The advantage of herbal teas is that they can be easily consumed every day and even several times a day. This way, you enjoy the benefits of plants while hydrating.


Each plant has its action on the body

At Pagès, we propose you to discover the powers of plants, through many herbal teas, designed from a rich herbarium. It consists of 25 plants, each of which has different effects on the body and health. You do not know which plants to choose according to your need? No panic, here are some indications that should help you.


Looking for beneficial plants for your body

Whether you suffer from digestive disorders, viruses or winter diseases (flu, rhinopharyngitis, etc.) or other health concerns, the powers of plants can act positively to decrease your symptoms.

For example, if you have digestion problems, choose Anise, Fennel, Lemon Balm or Peppermint.


Plant benefits can also affect cough (Licorice), headache (Melissa), bronchitis (Rosemary), respiratory infections (Lavender)…

If it is your sleep that is disturbed and/or you are suffering from stress and anxiety, aim instead for Linden, Lavender or Chamomile.


Looking for a natural beauty treatment

And yes, the powers of plants don’t only work on health disorders. They are also very effective, as beauty tricks, everyday. For this, consume daily herbal teas of Aloe Vera, or even of Chamomile. For more information about tea as a beauty ally, feel free to consult this topic here.


With all these tips, you will know how to use the plants and enjoy all their benefits.