Rosemary Mint Lemon

French plants infusion - Blackcurrant Mint Rosemary

Box of 20 stay-fresh sachets - 30g
4.50 €

i.e. 150.00 €/kg

France has so much to offer us. Its remarkable lands allow us to grow exceptional products whose cultivation is respectful of the plant and the environment.

The Rosemary Mint Blackcurrant infusion from Pagès is the combination of quality plants that grow in the heart of Drôme, on sunny lands surrounded by marked relief. Rosemary, Mint, Blackcurrant ... the tender flavors conveyed by these three plants will delight your taste buds.

French infusion, the plants of which grow very close to where you live, and whose recipe was concocted in the heart of Auvergne, in Haute-Loire: that is an herbal tea that we enjoy drinking !


Ingredients: Blackcurrant leaves 55%, Sweet Mint 30%, Rosemary 15%.

Brewing time : 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing temperature : 90°C


Rosemary, Mint, Blackcurrant,