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Spice tea: our advice to savor it the best way possible

Spice tea, how to savor it?

Spice tea is both a tasty drink but also a source of hydration and benefits for your body. To be sure of seeing all the benefits but also the particular taste, you must prepare it well. Check out our tips for enjoying your favorite spice drink.


Choose the right water temperature

The first essential element to consider when preparing a spice tea is the temperature of the water. Indeed, it is better to avoid heating your mug in the microwave, if you really want to enjoy all the flavors of spices. It is also thanks to a hot water that all the aromas contained in the tea leaves will be able to be revealed. Ideally, whether it's green tea or black tea, it's a good idea to heat your water with a kettle at a temperature of around 90 ° C. Be careful, some teas require a more specific temperature. In this case, it is indicated in the product description.


Be careful with the brewing time

The duration of brewing is also something you should not neglect in the preparation of your spice tea. If you brew it too long, you may feel a bitterness when you taste it. This is especially the case for green teas, which are often quicker than others. If the recommended average time is about 2-3 minutes for black tea and 2 minutes maximum for green tea, these indications are not always accurate. It depends on the very property of the tea you have chosen. To prepare it correctly, ask about its composition and refer to the indications given by the seller.

Choose a container that keeps the heat

What's more unpleasant than having to warm your tea. If you want to enjoy it hot, without having to hurry, we recommend using a container designed to keep the heat. For example, opt for a cast iron teapot or an earthenware teapot, which will keep it longer than models made of glass or porcelain.


Take a few minutes to enjoy our spice tea

Spicy tea is a concentrate of benefits for your body. But it is also and especially an explosion of flavors slightly raised in the mouth! It is thanks to the properties of certain spices such as Cinnamon, Ginger or Turmeric, that you can feel more relaxed, be able to be more concentrated, etc. To capture all the effects of this greedy drink, take a moment to taste it. If you are at home, sit in a quiet place, and enjoy this moment of healing. If you're at work, create your little tasting bubble by cutting a few moments off your pace. Sip each sip and simply enjoy the benefits of your spice tea.