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What plant can help you sleep?

For those who recognize themselves in this situation, we have found the solution (or at least, a precious help to fight against endless nights). 

Some plants are known to help fall asleep, calm stress and promote relaxation. Stress is generally THE cause of insomnia, what better than a good infusion or a good tea to relax by choosing the right plant ... and not just any plant! We will enlighten you on this subject ...


Favor infusions, herbal teas and Rooibos

The tea, whether green or black, contains theine, a stimulant just like caffeine. It is not forbidden to consume tea before bedtime, for example you can infuse your tea and throw away the first infused water. Theine is the first element to spread from the tea leaves. By removing this first water, you will eliminate many problems and you will only have the benefits of tea afterwards.

Herbal teas, herbal teas and Rooibos (red tea from South Africa) remain the best allies to fight insomnia because these drinks do not contain theine.


Plants that will help you sleep


This plant, renowned for centuries for its medicinal properties, contains sedative, digestive and fortifying substances.

It is very useful for sleeping because it has anti-stress and anti-anxiety. With it, you will decrease your sleep disorders related to anxiety.



The use of Chamomile is a great way to relax and prepare your body to fall asleep. Chamomile is particularly effective in relieving nervous restlessness and minor insomnia with its calming and sedative effects.



The Linden is known to promote sleep and as a good remedy for nervousness thanks to its soothing flower. It can also be used against body aches and lower fever.



Not to mention its aromatic and gastronomic qualities, Orange Blossom has many medicinal properties. Effective to facilitate digestion, it has mostly sedative and soothing properties that reduce nervousness and sleep disorders.


Setting up a habit like having a good cup of hot tea for a moment is already a way to relax and get ready for a good night's sleep. Only the right plants are missing for a pleasant restful night!

You can find all these plants in our Pagès teas or infusions.