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Which tea can you drink at what time of the day

Drinking tea is very healthy. You can (and it is recommended) consume it through the day to stay hydrated and enjoy the benefits of each plant.


During the morning

In the morning we recommend a black tea: for example a Ceylon or an English Breakfast, both of which will give you the energy you need to start your day on the right way.
You can also choose a green tea if you are not a fan of black tea, however, it is recommended to take breakfast first, give yourself time to digest and then enjoy this cup of tea.
In any case, you will enjoy a cup of tea by rehydrating yourself after your night’s sleep!

After lunch

After a good meal, you can opt for an after-dinner infusion of Mint, Balm and Lemon. It will help you to digest well and feel lighter.

As a snack

As a snack, we often need a boost to continue the day on the same track! Nothing like a Darjeeling black tea to give yourself energy.

During the evening (before sleeping)

After dinner, in your sofa, in front of your favorite show, we recommend a small infusion. Why not tea? Black and green teas contain theine and therefore are can wake you up… This is not really the desired effect of taking a drink before going to sleep. Infusions favour digestion, sleep, tranquility… Perfect to relax after your day and get ready for a good night!

You understand it, a every moment of the day, there is a type of tea!