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5 ideas received about tea

5 ideas received about tea

There are many popular ideas about tea and infusions. The Pagès team is certain that you have already heard at least one of these statements, right? Today, we show you that everything you have heard as a ideas received is false!


1. "Tea has no taste!"


Tea is not just hot water! So yes, boiling water is an essential element of your teatime, but it can be embellished with a multitude of taste! On our website, we are 110% convinced that you will find the tea (or herbal tea) that will match your mood and your desire!



2. "Boil water to make iced tea"


Well, not totally wrong, we admit it! You can boil water, infuse your bag and let it cool in the fridge. This method takes time especially if you want to cool down with the heat! So to make your task easier, we offer you our iced herbal teas that infuse… cold! Time to win and the opportunity to quench your thirst as soon as possible!



3. "Tea brews only once"


For our loyal readers, this is a topic you have already read on our blog! And yes, we talked about reusable tea bags.

Indeed, you can infuse your bag up to twice but be careful, for the second infusion, your tea must still be wet and not dry (otherwise the taste will not be strong enough).



4. "Tea is a grandma’s drink"


Tea is a very trendy drink and younger people are more and more likely to implement a teatime routine in their daily lives. In addition, in our ranges, you can totally innovate and make your relaxing moments fun and original.



5. "Tea is as exciting as coffee"


There is no difference between theine and caffeine because they are actually the same molecule! However, they do not act the same way in our organization.

In tea, theine is associated with the tannins of tea, which delay its assimilation in the body, compared to coffee. That is why we are talking about a 3 to 6 hour stimulating effect for tea and a shorter “kick” stimulating effect for coffee.

And you, what are the clichés that you have already heard and that are false?