7 mars 2023

Cake Chai


Want to take a gourmet break with your family?

The Pagès infusions go perfectly with the cake recipes. Benefit from the fragrant and intense taste of our recipes to create delicious cake recipes that will please your guests for their taste but also for their originality.

Today, we offer you a unique recipe, ideal for all those who love spicy and spicy flavors: the «Chaï cake»! It is a deliciously scented recipe with our Chai Organic Infusion Basil, Licorice, Orange with a frank note of spices. In short, it is a mix with original tastes.

It is an easy recipe and suitable for everyone, you only need 15 minutes for the preparation and 40 minutes of cooking. Let’s get down to business!

To make a successful Cake Chai you need:

- 3 eggs

- 120g of sugar

- 200g flour

- ½ bag of yeast

- 120g butter

- 8cl milk

- 3 sachets Chai Bio Pagès

Below, you will find all the steps of the recipe to carry out this mission. Your goons can help you with the preparation, there is nothing complicated, an apron and the trick is done.

How to make a perfect and fluffy Chai Cake?

Preheat oven to 180° before starting

Gently pour the milk into a saucepan and heat until it simmers, place 3 sachets of Chai Pagès infusion and let steep for 5 minutes.

Put the eggs (white and yellow) in a bowl and mix.

Add the sugar to the eggs and beat for a white mixture.

Gradually add the flour and yeast, then the melted butter and mix.

You get a liquid and harmonious mixture, remember to add the milk and mix again until


Bake for 40 minutes. Remember to watch it from time to time, and above all: enjoy the scents of the slightly spicy flavors of our Chai infusion, the smell that emanates from cooking is exquisite!


Feel free to put a knife blade in the center of the cake to check its cooking. Once it is cooked (be careful not to exceed the cooking times too much, it would lose its soft side), remember to take it out of the oven so that it cools to room temperature. The best moment has now arrived: good tasting! This cake with Chai infusion, can be accompanied by a green tea Pagès, for even more delicacy.

If you want more information about this recipe, go to our social networks, the recipe is available in video format.

We wish you a good tasting, other recipes on our blog are coming (chocolate mousse, pie, etc.), we look forward to sharing them with you!



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