21 mai 2022

L’Herboriste du Velay, labeled BIOPARTENAIRE®


L’Herboriste du Velay, an expert brand
Our brand L'Herboriste du Velay has been the expert in infusion plants since 2017. Heir to the ancestral know-how of the oldest French brand of infusions, L'Herboriste du Velay showcases the best of Organic plants to offer you an exceptional infusion whose taste is reminiscent of nature. Our recipes are created with the requirement of rigorous selection and thanks to our unique know-how in blending plants. They are made in the purest French herbalist tradition, based on plants and organic essential oils, which give them an intense and aromatic taste.

L’Herboriste du Velay, a committed and responsible brand
Our teas and infusions are guaranteed without artificial flavoring and coloring, in accordance with the specifications of Organic Farming. Our bags do not contain glue or staples, and are made of 100% Abaca vegetable fibres. They are wrapped in a recyclable paper envelope. We are a French SME and our production site is committed to a process of reducing its environmental impact. By consuming this product, you contribute to the preservation of jobs in France.

Some of our products are part of a 100% local approach, four of our recipes are indeed composed of plants that grow in the heart of the Drôme, on sunny land surrounded by a marked relief. These infusions are labeledBIOPARTENAIRE®, the benchmark label for fair and responsible organic farming, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.


BIOPARTENAIRE®, the label for Fair Trade and Responsible Organic
BIOPARTENAIRE® is a label that has existed for 20 years now. Dedicated to specialized organic networks only, the label is based on four main principles: democracy, transparency, dialogue and commitment. Today, BIOPARTENAIRE brings together more than sixty members: producers, importers, manufacturer brands, professional associations of organic stores. The label, a true organic innovator, has been working to develop fair trade and the organic sector for many years. BIOPARTENAIRE® is an expert label, which has been able to evolve without moving away from its values. BIOPARTENAIRE® is the benchmark for fair and responsible organic. BIOPARTENAIRE® means making a commitment together, farmers, manufacturers, stores and organic consumers, for social justice and respect for living organisms.

The BIOPARTENAIRE® labeling of our 100% French products is in line with our fair and committed approach. It allows us to participate in the revitalization and sustainability of the French local economy: respect for land and plantations, solidarity and fair remuneration for producers, long-term brand commitments, etc. Through this type of production, we are committed to offering you a range of healthy and French products, as close as possible to you!







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