18 avril 2019

Pagès presents its essential oil teas

How about tips to mix pleasure and natural solutions? The Pagès tea with essential oils can be one of these solutions! And they’re available on our website.

Our teas with essential oils

Essential oils are particularly effective products in the treatment of many ailments. They are mostly extracted from leaves, flowers, bark, roots, or stems. In any case, they are the concentrate of the best of the plant from which they are extracted, which is why it is not necessary to use them in large quantities to benefit from their virtues. The plants have beneficial properties, they can for example help to cure headaches, health problems related to breathing, blood circulation, the sensation of heavy legs... One can also find mixtures of effective essential oils to fight against stomachaches, bloating, cramps, and other bodily harm.

By drinking a green tea flavored with essential oils, such as our Pagès organic green tea with Ginger and Lime essential oil, you can enjoy the benefits of this tea while enjoying a warm and tasty hot drink. . This creation is ideal to relax completely after a big day of work or at the end of a meal.

In addition, the marriage of Lemon and Ginger is known to help weight loss, provided you practice a regular sport and adopt a healthy diet. Moreover, green tea itself is widely used in tea blends because of its beneficial properties for the body and mind. Green tea is known for its ability to tighten body tissues and purify the body as a whole. Indeed, drinking up to three cups of tea Pagès a day, can help you benefit from its detoxifying and draining properties.


Order your essential oil tea now on Pagès

Order now our teas and infusions online our teas with essential oils Pagès and enjoy the free delivery, for a minimum of 15 € purchase. To find out more about the delivery terms offered by Pagès, you can consult our general conditions of sale at any time. 

In addition, with each order placed, Pagès offers you samples of our best teas. Discover our new products and stay informed about our new teas and herbal recipes.

Combining simplicity and authenticity, the house of tea and infusions Pagès puts all its know-how and its passion at the service of your satisfaction, and this for 160 years.

Our herbalists are specialists in teas and infusions and are at your disposal to guide you in choosing the most personalized drink, which will meet your tastes and desires.




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