20 décembre 2021

Selection of Tea for Christmas

For us, at Pagès, enjoying a cup of Tea is a convivial moment. And during the holiday season, it's a must-have. And yes all the winter flavors mix in this hot drink to transport you into the Christmas mood. If Christmas had to have a flavor, it would most certainly be a hot Tea flavored with spices.

To savor your Tea and taste the best plants, do not hesitate to garnish your hot drink with tasty spices to extend the Christmas spirit into your cup. At Pagès, our favorite spices are undoubtedly Badian and Cinnamon.

And yes, Badian, also called “star anise” is traditionally used in the making of cakes. It is also found in many mulled wine recipes. And of course, Star anise is a spice that is used to enhance tea. It releases powerful aromas when immersed in hot water, which gives hot drinks sparkling and original notes with sweet Christmas flavors.

Cinnamon has been a popular spice since ancient times for its fragrant flavor. Originally from Sri Lanka, in France it is in Alsace that this spice is used the most to make Zemetkuche which is a brioche cake. Cinnamon is also a natural flavor enhancer allowing to flavor drinks such as mulled wine, hot chocolate, coffee, but also herbal teas. Besides having a pleasant taste, this plant is beneficial for the health. Indeed, it is rich in antioxidants, a source of fiber and promotes digestive well-being.

Our selection of Black Tea

Discover our selection of organic Black Teas and enjoy all the health benefits of this ancestral infusion. We have selected Black Teas for you to transport you into the Christmas spirit

If you didn't know it yet, black tea is the most potent of teas. Strong in taste and theine, it can be eaten for example as a snack accompanied by Christmas cookies or small chocolates.

Black tea Vanilla from Pagès is a high quality tea, from exceptional gardens. It combines the finesse of organic black tea with the frank and heady notes of Vanilla extract. Rooibos, with a round flavor, bring even more sweetness to this drink. Its perfectly balanced texture delivers delicately scented aromas for a gourmet and delicious tasting. And yes, gluttony is the key word for Christmas.

Zoom on the Rooibos

Rooibos is an African plant with multiple virtues. Its taste rhymes with comfort. And we will not hide from you that the holiday season is perfect. Its taste, close to hazelnut, is very delicious. Accompanied by dried fruits, it will be even more delicious. Which turns out to be perfect for making the most of the Christmas atmosphere.

Pagès black tea Red fruits Pomegranate Raspberry flavor is a high quality tea from exceptional gardens. It combines the voluptuousness of black tea with fruity notes of Pomegranate and Raspberry. Its infusion reveals a copper-colored liquor, and delivers its scent for a fruity and original tasting. For even more sweetness, do not hesitate to taste dried fruits with your tea and for the most greedy among you small chocolates.

If you prefer classic tea, we have Earl Gray Black Tea for you. It is named after the person who discovered it: Earl Gray, "Earl Gray" in English. Today a great classic among teas, this ancestral recipe consists of black tea and bergamot. We have embellished it here with notes of Lemon, to give this Tea from Grands Jardins an aromatic and fruity bouquet. The infusion of black tea leaves has a characteristic and fragrant taste, for a great classic. We advise you to garnish it with Christmas spices to give it a more festive flavor.

Tea is also a gourmet gift idea. Why not offer a tea set to your friends or family. We assure you that this is an original idea to take you on a journey through the flavors and spices of Christmas. We have plenty of them on our website, don't wait any longer and come and discover them.



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