17 décembre 2020

The Galanga: an amazing plant native to China

Zoom on the Galanga

If you are interested in plants, you may have heard of Galanga! In addition, if you do not know much about it, you will be surprise by the many benefits you can get from its consumption. In this article, discover the benefits of Galanga and start enjoying delicious hot drinks made from this plant immediately.


What is the Galanga?

Galanga is a plant of root type, which comes to us from tropical Asia. It belongs to the same family as ginger. Galanga can be eat in different forms: fresh or dried, powdered or whole. It is use as a condiment in cooking or as a spice. It is also find in many Cambodian, Thai and Indonesian dishes. It can also be enjoy as an infusion.


The flavors of Galanga

But then, how to define the taste of Galanga? The flavor of this plant is very particular. One finds there notes of citrus fruits and in particular a small lemony taste. It is also knew to be strong on the nose, with well-pronounced peppery touches. Globally, its flavor approaches that of Ginger, all being slightly sweeter at first, then well marked in a second time.


Benefits of Galanga

The fact of regularly consuming this plant can bring you many benefits. Here are the main benefits of Galanga.


An anti-inflammatory effect

Just like ginger, Galanga has recognized anti-inflammatory properties. It is say that its consumption is ideal to reduce many pains: teeth, stomachaches, dizziness, nausea, menstrual pain, rheumatism, osteoarthritis...


An advantage for the digestion

Many plants facilitate the functioning of the digestive system: this is the case of Galanga! Its consumption apparently helps to regulate its intestinal flora, limit digestion disorders and relieve stomach pain.



Our infusions with Galanga

To consume Galanga, you have several options. You can chew it or use it in powder form in your culinary preparations. You also have the possibility to consume Galanga more regularly by drinking hot drinks that contain it.


In our online store, we offer a delicious green tea with Elderflower and Galanga. You can consume it every day as you wish, to enjoy the many benefits of this plant. In addition, if you are particularly fond of spices, we offer you a tasty Trio Spice pack, containing our Galanga tea, as well as a green tea with Turmeric Ginger and a green tea with Black Cumin Nigella Cinnamon.



You will have understood it, Galanga is a very interesting plant that it is good to consume regularly. Its many virtues act on your organism to relieve pain and help you to find an optimal well-being.


If you want to learn more about Galanga, we invite you from this step to discover the card of this plant in the section The herbarium!



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