The wood in our box comes from French forests (Puy-de-Dôme, Loire, Allier, Nièvre and Cher). Our supplier, a company from Puy-de-Dôme, treats wood in a traditional way and knows how to combine craftsmanship with technology, to provide a high quality result and a unique box.

Discover a selection of eight infusion and tea recipes, brought together in this superb box:

- Organic Thyme Lavender Rosemary infusion, this infusion with Provençal notes will almost transport you on vacation! Thyme facilitates breathing.
- Organic Yuzu Mandarin flavored infusion, this gourmet infusion with tangy notes of Yuzu and Mandarin is pleasant to taste.
- Organic Mint infusion grown in France, this 100% French Mint-based infusion reveals fresh and intense notes of Mint, like the one that grows in our gardens.
- Organic Verbena infusion grown in France, this 100% French Verbena infusion is sweet and pleasant to taste, the plant grows in the heart of the Drôme on sunny land.
- Organic Earl Gray green Tea, a variant of the classic version - the famous Earl Gray - but without the bitterness of black tea.
- Organic green Tea with Lemon Lime flavour, this recipe offers a feeling of intense freshness and acidulated notes that are very pleasant to taste.
- Organic Mint scented green Tea, the finesse of green tea associated with the fragrant freshness of mint, as in the Moroccan tradition.
- Organic green Tea Sencha Tradition, green tea is one of the most consumed plants in the world. It was therefore natural to decline it in its purest expression.


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