Discover a selection of six products from the range of PAGÈS organic herbal teas in sachets in a box:

- After Meal, with notes of Mint, Verbena, Anise and Star Anise for an original and beneficial drink.
- Detox, with the sweet scent of Ash, Rosemary and Mandarin flavor for ever more indulgence.
- Night, a sweet blend of Verbena, Rooibos with the tasty flavor of Orange Blossom.
- Thyme Lavender Rosemary, great classic of herbalism.
- Liquorice Mint Fennel, a recipe with very gourmet sweet notes.
- Yuzu Tangerine flavor, delicate drink so the flavor is tangy, very pleasant in the mouth.
- Sencha green tea, green tea is one of the most consumed plants in the world. It was therefore natural to decline it in its purest expression.
- Earl Gray green tea, variation of the iconic Earl Gray on a green tea base. It combines finesse and captivating flavor.
- Lemon Lime flavored green tea, this recipe offers a feeling of intense freshness and acidic notes that are very pleasant to taste.
- Mint green tea, the finesse of green tea associated with the fragrant freshness of mint, as in the Moroccan tradition.
- Rooibos Vanilla black tea, with frank and heady notes of Vanilla associated with the round flavor of Rooibos. A perfectly balanced blend.
- Russian Earl Gray black tea, ancestral recipe here embellished with Lemon to give this tea an aromatic and fruity bouquet.


Wolrdwide tea and infusion box

60 assorted bags - teas and infusions - openwork wooden box - Pagès brand

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