Strawberry Melon Basil

Organic iced infusion in tea bags, with sweet and original notes of Strawberry, Melon and Basil - ideal for summer

Box of 20 stay-fresh sachets - 40g
3.70 €

i.e. 92.50 €/kg

Intensely summery notes, a cool drink and a bit of sunshine... it is the perfect summer combo! Indulge yourself and stay cool with our delicious Strawberry Melon Basil iced infusion.

This trendy and gourmet cocktail is a summer must-have, without any headaches: just put the little bag to infuse for 8 minutes in cold water and it is ready.

What to offer you a well-deserved freshness break, without moderation of course! Moreover, to never be without your iced infusion, think of our special bottle to enjoy your refreshing recipes all day long.


Ingredients: Apple organic, Basil organic 16%, Orange peel organic, Chicory organic, white Hibiscus organic, Beetroot organic, Natural flavors 6%, Stevia organic.

Brewing time : 8 to 10 minutes

Brewing temperature : cold