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What herbal tea can a child drink ?

What herbal tea can a child drink?

You are used to drinking herbal tea and your child asks to do the same thing to imitate you? Or do you simply want him to discover this type of hot drinks, both beneficial and comforting? Wondering if it is possible to find herbal tea for your kid? It can quite drink but you have to choose it. Over here to find out more!


How to choose well our child's herbal tea

Children tend to crack pretty easily on sugary drinks (we can understand, we've all been there!). However, this type of drink should not be consumed regularly or too much. So how to replace sugary drinks with other equally original and gourmet drinks? This is where the magic of plants operates. The herbal tea is a very good alternative to sweet drinks, provided you choose it well.

It is strongly recommended to opt for a herbal tea because it does not contain caffeine. Favor an organic infusion with pleasant tastes that will please and seduce a young audience such as lemon, notes of red fruits, slightly lime lime or Bergamot.


Rooibos herbal tea

It is strongly discouraged to drink tea to children because it contains theine. Rooibos can be an alternative to tea and is generally appreciated for its taste naturally close to that of Vanilla. A Rooibos herbal tea may be suitable for children: it does not contain theine, is low in tannins and rich in antioxidants.

You can even use Rooibos to make homemade iced teas for your kids. The advantage is that it will not be full of sugar or caffeine!


Honeybush herbal tea

Honeybush is a plant from the same family as Rooibos. It is also devoid of theine but differs from its cousin Rooibos by its natural taste of mountain honey. It is said that it has many virtues including digestive qualities, expectorant, soothing and antioxidant. It is also rich in trace elements and minerals.

It can be bought plain, flavored or mixed with Rooibos.


A few tips

The selection of herbal tea for children is of great importance. In particular, it is recommended that they be consummated with plants only when their source is known but also their effects on the body.

Regarding the taste, it is possible to sweeten the drink with honey provided that your child is at least two years old. If he likes acid flavors, you can add some lemon juice. And, to vary the pleasures, propose him an ice tea to taste it!


What about babies?

You can give a child a herbal tea at any age, but you can not give any plant and the amounts have to be adapted. This drink can even be used to calm some of the ills of babies. For example, if he suffers from colic, an infusion made from Orange peel, Chamomile, Fennel, Orange blossom, Verbena, Mint, Cinnamon ... can calm the abdominal pains. Throughhere to find out more about the plants recommended for your children.