Hibiscus Rosehip

Acidulous organic herbal infusion with Hibiscus and Rosehip - elimination

Box of 20 stay-fresh sachets - 30g
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i.e. 100.00 €/kg

Introduced in the 12th century by the Moors of Spain, the Hibiscus is a flower of great beauty.

The Dog Rose, a wild rose, produces "fruits" well known as Rosehips.

Prepared as an infusion, Hibiscus and Rosehips reveal a fresh and tangy drink.

Hibiscus is used to facilitate the elimination from the organism. A consumption of 2 tea bags per day allows you to fully enjoy its benefits.


Ingredients: Hibiscus organic 50%, Rosehip organic 50%.

Brewing time : 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing temperature : 90°C


Hibiscus, Rosehip,

Our experts tell us about it

Angèle - PAGÈS expert

"Hibiscus and Rosehip form a very characteristic blend, both tangy and slightly astringent.

I love this recipe with character, I recommend it for all people who have difficulty hydrating in quantity throughout the day.

An ideal drink to replace still water!"