16 décembre 2021

Which organic Christmas infusion to choose?

The end of the year celebrations are fast approaching and now is the time for us to introduce you to Christmas herbal infusions. Nothing better than a good herbal infusion with the emblematic Christmas flavor to change your habits and bring you a warm and comforting moment. Enjoy a hot drink to get you in the Christmas mood. And yes, the Christmas spirit is also in your cup with a good organic herbal infusion.

To savor the best plants and have a relaxing time, we recommend that you add some magical notes to your organic product in sachets such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger ...

Christmas spices

Christmas spices are everywhere around us on a daily basis but during the month of December they are particularly present in dishes and desserts but also in our festive drinks. They bring a touch of originality and immerse us in a warm atmosphere as the end of the year celebrations approach. We are going to take this opportunity to introduce you to the seasonal spices that decorate Christmas herbal infusions. 

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been a popular spice since ancient times for its fragrant flavor. Originally from Sri Lanka, in France it is in Alsace that this spice is used the most to make Zemetkuche which is a brioche cake. Cinnamon is also a natural flavor enhancer allowing to flavor drinks such as mulled wine, hot chocolate, coffee, but also herbal teas. Besides having a pleasant taste, this plant is beneficial for the health. Indeed, it is rich in antioxidants, a source of fiber and promotes digestive well-being.

  • Ginger

 Ginger is a very popular spice for Christmas, its peppery taste brings comfort during winter, it will also bring a touch of originality and exoticism to your dishes but also to your infusions. In addition to being considered a "super food", it has a high content of nutrients and antioxidants which is very good for your health. 

  • Cloves

Clove is a dry fruit with very powerful flavors, so it is used meticulously in cooking. It is used a lot in Christmas drinks such as mulled wines or as an infusion accompanied by gingerbread to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Its beneficial effects promote digestion and fight against dental pain. During the winter period and even more so at Christmas, cloves are very often associated with oranges in order to obtain a sweet scent. 

  • The Nutmeg

 Nutmeg is native to Indonesia and reveals a very powerful and unique taste. This is how this spice is used in cooking but also in drinks, but in very small quantities. In order to fully enjoy the flavor and benefits of nutmeg, you can sprinkle your herbal infusion to bring a little lemony taste to your hot drink. If you didn't know, nutmeg is quite effective against stress and fatigue. 

  • Cardamom

Cardamom is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Its flavor is so original that it is quite difficult to describe its taste. Just like the spices mentioned above, we use Cardamom very carefully to sprinkle dishes and drinks to bring a comforting touch to Christmas flavors, and in addition, it will bring you an energizing effect that can be even more important. more useful during the winter period.

 The Christmas herbal infusion is also a way to prolong the moment of gluttony that the Christmas period provides by accompanying it with small chocolates, gingerbread and even cookies, why not. After all, it's Christmas you have to know how to have fun.

 The Pagès infusions that we recommend for Christmas 

In this infusion, Licorice takes on very delicious sweet notes. Fennel, with an anise flavor, is a rather characteristic plant. Mint presents a great freshness, it is often used to find a feeling of lightness after the meal. Which during the holidays can be an asset after long family meals. This Christmas-flavored recipe will transport you to a unique experience. 

 The association of Ginger with notes of Lemon and Lime will tickle your taste buds with the exoticism of Ginger and the freshness of two Lemons. A blend of spices and citrus fruits, this Pagès recipe offers a natural, original and intense tasting moment, full of flavor. 

 For us, this is the Christmas blush infusion, apple and Cinnamon are a divine blend with Christmas notes. In this recipe, we have infused the Apple, with sweet and slightly tart notes, with Cinnamon, a spice with warm and sweet flavors, in organic sachets. A little touch of Rooibos brings even more roundness to this already delicious blend, and it does not displease our taste buds. For the greediest, we advise you to add a spoon of Honey to your infusion! 

Our Chaï infusion consists of Basil, Licorice, Orange and Spices. Basil has an original taste in infusion. Licorice is a root harvested since Antiquity. It takes on sweet notes which earned it the name of sweet wood. Orange essential oil adds a unique touch to this recipe. Orange zest delivers a very pleasant sweet and tangy flavor. The rhizome of Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Cardamom bring a slightly spicy flavor. If you ask us, this drink just exudes the Christmas vibe.

And if you can't choose from all of his Christmas herbal teas, opt for a box! We have plenty of them on our site, come and discover them!



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