Teas and herbal teas wood taster box

80 assorted sachets - infusions and teas - rosewood wooden box - Pagès brand

30.00 €

i.e. 75.00 €/kg

Enjoy a selection of six recipes from the PAGÈS organic teas and herbal infusions range in a box set:

- Earl Grey Black Tea this classic is an invitation to travel with its enchanting Bergamot flavour;

- Green tea Mango Apricot An original and gourmet creation for an explosion of fruity flavours in mouth;

- Black tea Strawberry Rhubarb which brings a fresh and tangy touch to the tasting;

- Green tea Mint Tradition The finesse of green tea combined with the fragrant freshness of Mint, just like in Moroccan tradition;

- Verbena Herbal Infusion A great classic of herbal medicine, it is used in infusion for its relaxing properties;

- Liquorice Mint Fennel Herbal Infusion The marked notes of Liquorice combined with the freshness of Mint and the sweetness of Fennel

- Apple Cinnamon Honey Herbal Infusion An original, natural, fruity and gourmet creation;

- Yuzu Mandarin Herbal Infusion The tangy taste of Yuzu and the delicate aroma of Mandarin.