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Cold tea : which variety should be preferred for its preparation ?

What tea can be drinked cold? 

Cold tea, this is the ideal drink to cool off in summer. Thirst-quenching, it is also rich in many virtues. In fact, whatever the variety of tea used in the preparation of this beverage, all have interesting properties. While green tea is known for its diuretic characteristics and the antioxidants it contains, black tea improves blood circulation and delays aging. But then, which plant prefers for the preparation of a delicious cold tea? Explanations.


Cold tea: which type of tea can you use for this drink?

To prepare cold tea, simply opt for the tea of your choice. Indeed, this is a matter of taste and preferences.

While some enjoy the sweetness of green tea, others will rely on the bitterness of black tea or the roundness of white tea.

Moreover, it is perfectly possible to turn to an ice tea flavoured with mint, lemon, red fruits… The main thing, of course, is to please you. We will see a little later, it is even possible to perfume your cold teas, adding the ingredients of your choice. 



Hot and cold tea: a difference of temperature...but not only!

It’s true, the difference between hot and cold tea is not just the tasting temperature. The tea content is also what differentiates the two beverages. While in hot water, this molecule is released immediately, it is not able to diffuse in cold water.

At least, it’s freeing up much more slowly. Also, to enjoy an energy drink, it is essential to infuse the tea about an hour in cold water. The preparation of a cold tea nevertheless allows you to enjoy all the flavors of the variety of tea you have chosen.


A few tips to help you prepare a delicious cold tea

The preparation of iced tea according to the rules of the art involves a cold water infusion. For this, infuse between 15 and 20 grams of tea in a liter of water for 30 minutes, before placing the container in the refrigerator, for at least two hours.

To enjoy a delicious drink, choose filtered water for a simple reason. The water containing chlorine and minerals blocks the diffusion of aromas and causes a reaction, during which the water becomes cloudy.

In addition, a thin film appears on the surface. Also, filter the water in a carafe provided for this purpose, before brewing your tea.

We mentioned earlier, it is quite possible to flavour your ice tea. To do this, choose a tea that is already flavoured, or add a few mint leaves, red fruits or lemon slices to the container.

Syrup and even some spices, such as cinnamon, may be considered. Let your creativity run wild, to invent a cool drink that looks like you!