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What is white tea?

You probably already know green tea and black tea of which the manufactoring steps are different. They benefit from many properties and health benefits. But, have you ever heard of white tea ?

Less known than the two firsts, however, it deserves interest. In fact, if it benefits from many virtues, it is principaly known for its exceptional organoleptic qualities, its rarity and delicacy. That is what we offer you to discover here.


White tea, a rare and delicate product

Unlike green tea, white tea is obtained without prior fermentation. In other terms, it is offered in its purest and delicatest form, that what made it a very rare product.
Unlike black tea, this type of tea is less strong in tea and can be consumed anytime during the day.


We can easy recognize white tea if its presented in bulk : its leaves are white, fluffy and own slight silvery reflections.

In a gustatory point of view, this one is more soft and finner than the others.
Therefore, generally, it is more expansive in reason of its rarity.

Like we evocated at the begining of the article, the tea which interests us here, own some caracteristics which makes it very interesting and beneficial for our organism.
What are they ? Explanations.


A tea known to boost the immune system

White tea constitutes a particularly interesting source of antioxidants, which have the particularity of improving the defences of the immune system.  White tea can help to feel more resistant if it’s associated with a quality lifestyle.

Moreover, this type of tea contains vitamins C and E, known for help fight against the small ailments of winter.


A product known for its ability to preserve oral health

If white tea is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it contains fluoride too, a fluorine atom. This variety of tea contains nutrients too, helping to control the growth of bad bacteria in the oral cavity.

It’s obvious that, alone, tea does not allow to have a good oral health, without a regular oral health, white tea will have little effect on your teeth. In the same way, we say that a cup of white tea is an appropriated  answer to the bad breath problem.


White tea can help you have a beautiful skin

We saw that, this tea contains a large amount of antioxidants, known for allow us to fight against external attacks. They play a role in the cell regeneration proccess.