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How to brew the tea in bulk ?


When drinking tea or herbal tea in bulk format, the dosage is obviously one of the first elements that come into play. The size of the teapot differs, the volume of tea or herbal tea in some recipes also… The preparation of a tea or a loose infusion is not done with a magic wand !

The more leaves, the more taste. It is said that it is good to count 2 grams of tea or infusion for a volume of water of about 10 to 15 centilitres.

Choose to put more tea or herbal tea if you enjoy consuming this hot drink in all its intensity. A smaller and less compact dosage will necessarily have fewer flavours.


The containing

Once the dosage stage is complete, it is important to choose the container in which to put your tea or herbal tea. The best known of course are the tea balls, like our charming tea ball Pagès. The important thing is to choose a container that will not compress the tea too much, so that it can infuse well. For those who don’t like the tea ball, there are empty mousseline bags in which you can place your tea or herbal tea directly.


Water temperature

Your tea is now ready to be immersed in water. Be sure to choose a water low in limestone and chlorine. Limestone prevents water from entering the leaves in an optimal manner. The best option is to choose tap water or filtered water. If you use bottled water, be careful to select low-mineral water.


Brew time

The duration of infusion is the last step that comes into play. Whether you are eating tea or herbal tea in bulk or in bags, infusion time is important.
Generally speaking, tea is brewed for less time than herbal tea. Allow 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of herbal tea chosen, for a herbal infusion.
Allow less time for tea infusion : 1 to 3 minutes depending on the type of tea chosen (black tea, white tea, oolong tea, green tea, etc.).