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Baby herbal tea, how to use it?

Which herbal tea to give to my baby? 

The well-being of the little ones is a concern that many Moms are aware of and that sometimes raises many questions. How to help her sleep better? To digest better? To limit the pain when the teeth arrive? These are all questions that many brands try to answer by offering natural and safe tips for the child’s health. For some time, it is the herbal teas for the future mothers, but also for the babies that are praised, because before being able to eat solid foods it is through the drinks that one can support his child and this is in particular what the baby herbal tea proposes.


Herbal tea for babies

Herbal tea no longer has to prove itself in terms of well-being. We can find herbal teas of all kinds for adults to reduce their stress level, enjoy a better sleep, a more fluid digestion or even more tonicity.

Now, younger people can also enjoy the benefits of infusions with baby herbal teas. These baby herbal teas are organic and do not contain added substances such as sugars that are harmful to toddlers.

At Pagès, we offer a baby herbal tea based on Melissa and Chamomile with a hint of Carrot to give a sweet taste. This baby herbal tea will have soothing properties and promote sleep. It is therefore a perfect drink for children having trouble finding sleep and being somewhat restless at bedtime.


How to prepare baby herbal teas?

The preparation of baby herbal tea is done in the same way as a classic herbal tea. Just follow the directions on the box, in this case, an infusion of 3 to 5 minutes in water at 90°.The only difference with an adult herbal tea is that you will have to take care to let the herbal tea cool before offering it to your baby. It can be consumed from the age of 12 months.


Other herbal teas to accompany moms

We have developed a range of organic infusion dedicated to pregnancy and childhood. You will be able to discover an herbal tea designed for breastfeeding to stimulate lactation. Made with anise, fennel and an orange flavour, this herbal tea can be consumed at 4 cups per day. To introduce the youngest to the pleasures of infusion, we offer the organic herbal tea for children from 4 years old which is made of bergamot and orange blossoms. Finally, the latest line creation aims to support young mothers in weight loss after pregnancy. This infusion is composed of green tea, mate, pineapple and grapefruit.


Our whole range dedicated to the family makes it possible to accompany the various stages of the coming into the world of a child with sweetness and flavor.